Luci Creative Welcomes New Studio Manager

Luci Creative Welcomes New Studio Manager Mark Ewing

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AJ Goehle, Luci Creative’s executive director, recently announced the company’s newest addition: Studio Manager, Mark Ewing. Mark comes to Luci Creative from one of the world’s largest science museums, The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago where he worked as a senior project manager for 11 years.

Ewing began his career working as a technical director for a variety of live show productions in North Carolina, inspiring him to pursue the entertainment side of exhibit planning and design. He moved to Chicago for the opportunity to work as a project manager at a custom fabrication shop, where he led projects from initial client consultations through completion. During his time there, he expanded the automation department to better serve the needs of a range of projects and markets. Ewing oversaw and implemented the automation control system for the redesign of The Oprah Winfrey Show’s 20th season set, which included about 50 individual points of motion.

Most recently at MSI, Ewing managed large permanent and traveling exhibitions such as, "Numbers In Nature" and "Robot Revolution." It was during Luci Creative’s collaboration with MSI on "Numbers In Nature" that Ewing was first introduced to the Luci’s leadership in creativity and their unique approach. “I was attracted to the supportive work culture at Luci Creative and their vision to be an industry leader. Having seen it for many years as a client, I am thrilled to be a part of their team and excited for the adventure ahead,” Ewing said.

The addition of a dedicated Studio Manager will strengthen Luci Creative’s rapid growth while ensuring continued client care and successful project delivery. “Mark brings nearly two decades of experience to our team,” explained Goehle, “He is taking on the important task of managing the Luci Creative studio resources, project planning and translating the project vision into reality with our partners. I am confident that Mark will add tremendous value to our team and most importantly for our clients.”

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