Luci Creative Reimagines Graphic Program for the Field Museum

The Regenstein Halls of the Pacific

Full-service creative agency Luci Creative collaborated with The Field Museum on an exhibit refresh of one of the premier institution’s older exhibits, "The Regenstein Halls of the Pacific." Located in Chicago, The Field Museum is one of the largest natural history museums in the world. Luci Creative was tasked with ensuring guests leave the exhibit with an appreciation for artifacts from across the Pacific: from Polynesia to the regions of Melanesia and Micronesia. The project serves as a case study on how to overhaul a long-standing exhibit on a limited budget and aggressive timeline, making it contextually relevant to guests and deepening visitors’ understanding and interest of the subjects.

To do this, Luci Creative developed a new graphic program, including a marquee, oversize graphic pillars, graphic labels, new artifact cases, updated color scheme applied to the walls and floors, and a reorganization of the story features to revamp the decades-old exhibit. This gallery features one of the world’s best collections of artifacts from the Pacific Islands. It includes spectacular masks and ritual objects that blend art, theater, and dance with deep social and spiritual meaning for visitors to explore and appreciate.

Through discussions with stakeholders, Luci Creative discovered that visitors did not understand that the artifacts come from multiple regions within the Pacific Islands. To address this misconception, Luci Creative designed architectural pillars for each region and culture presented in the gallery. Each introduces a zone of the gallery, helping visitors understand current stories about the Pacific Islanders that inhabit each region. By incorporating maps and graphic details borrowed from the artifacts themselves, these back-lit pillars act as beacons, helping visitors understand what region they are looking at.  

The beautifully crafted artifacts rich in texture, pattern, and natural color provided inspiration for the team for the design refresh. The borrowed warm color palette identifies each zone, helping to define the gallery and improve visitor experience.

The Luci Creative team was behind the creative concept of the project. Ravenswood Studio fabricated the exhibit update and The Field Museum was responsible for the content development.

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