Louisiana Children’s Museum Debuts New Branding

Louisiana Children’s Museum Debuts New Branding

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Louisiana Children’s Museum (New Orleans) recently debuted at City Park on August 31. The much-loved institution announced a new logo and brand, designed by award-winning Seattle-based Studio Matthews.

The brand reflects the Museum’s expanded mission and vision as they move from the Warehouse District—their home for the past 33 years—to a brand-new expanded site in City Park New Orleans. The new logo features children’s illustrations that were created as part of Museum workshops and programs. The logo is designed to “hold” different illustrations, providing flexibility for the Museum and the ability to feature new and inventive drawings over time. 

“When we first toured the original museum we visited their creative art workshop for kids, and were blown away by the incredible art, drawing and sculptures on the walls,” said Kristine Matthews, principal at Studio Matthews. “From the Museum team we learned how important it is for kids’ learning and self-esteem to not just provide them with opportunities to draw, paint and create, but also to display that work and really celebrate it. So, it made perfect sense to us to incorporate authentic children’s drawings in the new brand and throughout the new site. Besides, what could be better than a drawing that comes out of the mind of a 5-year-old?! We were constantly hanging the drawings up in our own studio for inspiration. You can’t help but smile when you see them.”

“We’ve been collecting the children’s drawings that are incorporated in the new brand, and throughout the new Museum, for years,” said Julia Bland, chief executive officer of LCM. “We wanted the brand to be playful, child-centered and welcoming, to honor children’s thinking and learning. We’ve worked tirelessly on bringing the new LCM to life and it’s all because we believe in the potential of our community’s youngest members.”

In addition to the new brand, Studio Matthews has designed the signage and environmental graphics for the new site. From entry banners to donor recognition to interpretation that explains the sustainable design of the site, Studio Matthews has taken every opportunity to feature children’s drawings throughout and to credit the name and age of the child artist as part of each illustration.

Positioned within the 1300-acre urban park’s lush setting, the new building and landscape by Mithun Architects was sustainably designed for LEED Silver certification. The greens and blues featured in the new brand reflect the vibrancy of nature in this new, flourishing park setting.

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