Louis Vogel Kielgast

Louise Vogel Kielgast is an Associate at Gehl in Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Louise Vogel Kielgast is an Associate at Gehl in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Louise Vogel Kielgast is driven by a strong wish to address pressing challenges in society, using a people-first-approach in urban development and planning. As a strategic thinker she strives to understand the incentives for change in the various projects she engages in.
As an Associate she is responsible for developing a public life approach that can suit different urban settings for varying purposes – from analysis, to strategic input, to impact assessment. Having worked with both public clients, foundations and universities, Louise thrives in collaborative processes.

With degrees in social anthropology from the University of Copenhagen and urban development planning from University College London (UCL), Louise is driven by a strong and long-lasting interest in all aspects of urban cultures – from understanding how they thrive and develop, to how are influenced by the surrounding urban fabric. Before joining Gehl Louise Vogel Kielgast did fieldwork in different urban settings, such as Ulan Bator, Montreal and Mumbai. This experience has sharpened her curiosity and her ability to analyze the local context as starting point for a meaningful development process.

As a consultant, Louise Vogel Kielgast enjoys working with a diverse group of clients and other collaborating partners to set up frameworks for engaging development processes where different perspectives are brought to the table; possibly paving the way for more socially just urban environments.

In her work Louise applies a strategic and analytical approach by relating more concrete urban design and infrastructure problems to broader social and economic issues. She also happily takes on the task of developing new knowledge areas, such as the relationship between public realm and business development. Louise enjoys sharing, testing and discussing new knowledge and insights as a guest lecturer at universities and at conferences where she speaks on topics such as methods for studying public life, urban mobility, cycling culture(s), knowledge city development and innovative urban districts.

In her free time and in recent years she has explored many urban playgrounds with her husband and two young girls realizing that the playgrounds carry great potential as public spaces in the city.

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