Lorenc+Yoo Wins Gold for Delta Flight Museum

Lorenc+Yoo Design's (Atlanta) master plan design for the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta won the Graphis Design Annual 2016 Gold Award. 

The new Delta Flight Museum opened in 2014. In two vintage hangars next door to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Delta relives its journey from a crop-dusting operation founded in Macon, Georgia, to one of the world’s largest commercial air carriers. Working with Stevens & Wilkinson (architect of record) and Gary Lee Super Associates (exhibit design), Lorenc + Yoo master planned the visitor flow into the space and developed the story lines and exhibits. 

“This award is an honor for the entire design team,” says Lorenc+Yoo principal Jan Lorenc. “By telling it, we are proud to have become a part of Delta Air Lines’s incredible and continuing story.”

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