Lorenc+Yoo Study Contrasts in Chinese Convention Centers

Lorenc+Yoo Study Contrasts in Chinese Convention Centers

Lorenc+Yoo paired with longtime collaborator, tvsdesign, to create the branding and wayfinding signage for the Zhumadian International Agricultural Expo Center (Zhumadian, China) and the Jinan Expo (Jinan China), both of which are in the first stages of construction and scheduled for completion in 2019.

Zhumadian’s landmark signage assumes a largely sculptural role, featuring a crescent pillar clad with a white aluminum skin. Hanging from the end of the pillar, a large aluminum ring of LEDs permit a scrolling message board to float above a circle of solar panels and digital pool light show. Additional street signage features similar pillars alongside slate fields, which are reminiscent of the landmark.

Inside, silver and white directional monuments contain 3-D lettering, accent lighting and LED screens for messages and maps–all in Chinese and English.The signage system for the enormous expo building is clearly cut from the same modern cloth, in contrast to the natural materials traded and discussed within. 

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