Lorenc+Yoo Design - Delta Flight Museum

Photo of wayfinding at New Orleans Hyatt

Lorenc+Yoo Design (Roswell, Ga.) announced it will design the exhibits for the new Delta Flight Museum, opening at Delta Airlines’ headquarters in Atlanta in summer 2014. The $6 million renovation will refurbish the 1940s-era airplane hanger in which the museum is currently housed. It will continue to feature airplanes from Delta’s history, including single-engine propeller planes from Delta’s early days and the “Spirit of Delta,” a Boeing 767 jumbo jet purchased in the 1980s by Delta employees.

Installation of the firm’s new signage system at the New Orleans Hyatt is now complete. It includes new directional pieces, electronic information kiosks, larger-scaled “distant-viewed” signage, and blade signage in narrow hallways. It employs vibrant color to direct visitors to highly trafficked locations subtly, and avoids introducing any distractions that may get in the way. Clearly marked floor plans assist visitors in locating exactly where they are so they can plot where they need to go.

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