Lorenc+Yoo Design Complete Lucerne Town Project

Lorenc+Yoo Design Complete Lucerne Town Project (image: angelic sculptures)

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Completing a multi-year effort to bring Lucerne, Switzerland to China, Lorenc+Yoo Design recently was pleased to share the unique sculptural elements that accentuate “The Lucerne Town’s” delightful quality, levity and joy.
LYD principal Jan Lorenc, FSEGD and Przemysław Kordys created a series of 10 angelic sculptures aligned with the linear fountain and alongside the Luzern Music Center.

This sculptural composition consists of five male and five female winged figures, each playing a different instrument. The half-size, bronze figures are each supported on a cylindrical granite column, juxtaposing the angels’ featherweight nature.

In addition to this new series of angel sculptures, LYD advised on the creation of a number of other pieces throughout the projects, including figures from Swiss history and legacy, which are incorporated in fountains and in the public plazas. 
LYD’s sculptural expertise brings history, fiction, and imagination to life throughout The Lucerne Town, aiding in the completion of the elaborate Alpine inspired multi-use development.

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