Lorenc+Yoo Completes Mall Wayfinding Project in India

Lorenc+Yoo (Roswell, Ga.) recently completed its first project in India: North Country Mall in Mohali, Punjab. In collaboration with tvsdesign, Lorenc+Yoo successfully melded the vibrancy of Indian culture and modern design into the mall’s wayfinding signage system.

In preparation for the project, members of the Lorenc+Yoo team traveled throughout northern Indian, including Delhi, to observe indigenous designs. The mall’s wayfinding system design adapts the tradition of altering colors and patterns according to seasons and holidays. Particularly, it adapts a style known as rangoli, in which geometric patterns are created with rice and flower petals. The style employed at North Country Mall relies on repetitive yet interesting geometric shapes.

The 1 million square-foot, resort-like mall is being billed as a prototype for possible future venues in India. Its size and scale make Lorenc+Yoo’s wayfinding system a vital part of this new Indian experiment.

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