Loren O'Laughlin

Loren O'Laughlin, Level 11

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Loren O'Laughlin is Level 11’s brand whisperer. As Design Manager, he spearheads new projects with a unique blend of warm interpersonal charm and cold product focus.

At Level 11, Loren O'Laughlin leads the teams that decode and deploy our client’s brand vision, exploring what the problem and solution spaces have to offer each other. Loren is often involved in the initial Information Architecture and foundational solution experience mapping with Senior Development partners. This practice sets our XDE process in the right direction, with interdisciplinary collaboration beginning from the first moments of a project.

As the leader for Level 11's Design Team, he takes care in mentoring team members along the way—excited to see everyone bring their best work to the table, not afraid to push a bit if there’s a breakthrough close by. Loren is most proud of the teams we build for delivering excellent experience programs.

Loren was initially educated in Graphic Design and Filmmaking but has continued to add business interests to his academic pursuits, participating in entrepreneurial ventures and the altMBA course. He is spurred on by Buckminster Fuller’s assessment that a designer is “an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.”

Prior to joining Level 11, Loren O'Laughlin helped businesses build their multi-channel brands from scratch. Leveraging his background in advertising and marketing, Loren’s ability to see around corners by studying customer insights and get to “the why” makes him a critical asset in leading design projects and working directly with stakeholders to get the most out of every project.

You can almost always find him on the whiteboard sharing, illustrating, and diagramming. Seriously, he doesn’t even have a chair.

Connect with Loren O'Laughlin on LinkedIn.

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