Lord Cultural Resources

Lord Cultural Resources (Toronto) is sharing the firm’s expertise in creating cultural capital at several international conferences this fall.

Gail Dexter Lord, co-president, presented a keynote on "Effective City-Branding Strategies: How to Design and Position Premium Cities in a Time of Cultural Change" and Laure Confavreux Colliex, executive vice president, was a panelist for "Identity, Culture, and Premium Branding" at PremiumFest Forum, the inaugural international festival on premium products and services in Madrid, Nov. 3-4.

Barry Lord, co-president, led a seminar on "Collection Analysis and Development Strategy" at the University of Balamand, Lebanon Nov. 5-6. Laure Confavreux Colliex will moderate a session on "New Generation of Shopping Malls" at the International Market for Retail Real Estate Conference in Cannes, France, Nov. 16-18.

Maria Piacente, vice president, exhibitions, will present her keynote "International Perspectives on Trends and Challenges for Exhibitions" at the Annual Conference of the Riksutställningar Swedish Travelling Exhibitions in Visby, Sweden, Dec. 5-7.

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