Lord Cultural Resources

Lord Cultural Resources (Toronto) has been contracted by the State of Bihar, India, to develop the master plan for a world-class museum on the evolution of history and culture on the Indian subcontinent. Lord will also work on implementation of the building and exhibition design for the new museum, which will be located in Patna.

It will complement the existing Patna Museum, built in 1917, and draw on its collection of ancient and medieval stone, bronze, and terracotta sculpture.

In other news, Joy Bailey, senior consultant with the firm, moderated a recent session at the Association of African American Museums annual meeting in Tallahassee, Fla. Bailey led a panel of museum professionals in the session entitled, “Stoking the Fires: Interpreting African American History in the Library.” It addressed the necessity of blurring the lines between libraries and archives as repositories and museums as interpreting spaces.

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