Lone Star Pride

As the site of the signing of the 1836 Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico, Washington on the Brazos is generally considered to be one of the three most important historic sites in Texas related to the formation of the state.

Dyal and Partners (Austin, Texas) created the tagline "Where Texas Became Texas" to reassert the site's importance, and headlines such as "Between the Alamo and San Jacinto, Texas Became Texas" seek to position the site on an equal level to these other better known sites.

The brand identity the firm created, working in concert with Dianne Powell, utilizes wood-type based fonts that are of the historical era, while also imparting a kind of freshness that may be associated with contemporary gig posters. Design elements hearken to the Dodson flag that was flown at the site of the declaration of independence signing.

The overarching goal is to reestablish Washington on the Brazos as central to Texas history and to the Texas experience. Washington on the Brazos’ new identity touches on the rough-hewn and humble roots of Texas’ beginning, and asserts itself in a bold way that is quintessentially Texan.

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