Locally Global - Multilingual Branding - Sarang Kulkarni


Sarang Kulkarni (White Crow) of Mumbai, provides a fascinating overview of the firm’s work across India, creating multilingual branding for the world’s most well known companies along with custom fonts and calligraphy that represent many of India’s lesser known languages and dialects. 

An alumnus of Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Sarang Kulkarni is a Type Designer and Calligrapher from Mumbai, India. In 2005, he started ‘WhiteCrow’– a Design Studio that has steadily found its niche in multi-lingual branding, bespoke type design and calligraphy across Indian scripts.

He is also one of three co-founders of ‘Ek Type’– an award winning collaborative type foundry started in 2013, that specialises in developing single and multi-script fonts across Indian languages. Most of Ek Type fonts are Open Source and available on Google fonts. Sarang has designed the Modak, Gotu and Baloo(Devanagari) Typefaces for Ek Type.


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