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The Live Well Collaborative (LWC) is a non-profit founded in 2007 by the University of Cincinnati (UC) and Procter and Gamble (P&G). Its purpose is to specialize in research and development of products and services for the 50+ market place. It is a unique academic-industry innovation center where organizations collaborate on their knowledge of the baby boomer market, which are over 78 million people strong with buying power in the excess of $2.3 trillion. The LWC was formed as a response to change the way corporations think about how they design products and services to meet the needs of America’s aging population.

The Collaborative, working with UC, a major research university, taps the talent of the top-ranked colleges of DAAP, Business, Engineering, Nursing and Medicine among many others, to do project studios. Interdisciplinary teams of UC faculty and students use a twelve week design thinking model to translate consumer research into products and services. The Collaborative leverages the vitality and unbiased innovation capacity of students and faculty across multiple disciplines, coupled with feedback from 50+ consumer sample groups to do this.

The Live well Collaborative leverages the fresh perspective and unique interdisciplinary thinking of students from the University of Cincinnati. In short 14-week projects, students, faculty and experts come together to develop innovative product and service solutions for living well across the lifespan with an expertise in meeting the needs of the Baby Boomer Market.

The Live Well Collaborative resolves IP rights issues, interfaces between industry and academia and makes it easy for you to partner with the Live Well Collaborative. All intellectual property developed during the project becomes the property of the project sponsor. Members have access to two studios per year, can fast track projects through the university, and all projects meet the Quality Improvement IRB requirements.


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