Lisa Wells

Lisa Wells

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Lisa Wells is a Wayfinding Design Manager at John Lewis.

Lisa Wells is an expert in signage and wayfinding design encompassing all aspects of the customer journey including exterior and interior branding signage for John Lewis as the sole person responsible. She ollaborates with top UK design agencies to develop on-brand signage solutions. Both managing design teams and as a hands-on designer.

Lisa Wells' aim is to help John Lewis customers and potential customers to have the best shopping experience possible. Whether it is finding our shop in a city centre, parking in a safe, clean and well signed car park or finding a particular piece of merchandise with the least irritation, the whole journey is equally important.

Lisa has worked in the retail sector for over three decades and the wayfinding challenges and solutions have developed significantly in that time. Recently there has been a huge drive towards digital solutions for wayfinding but often static messages are essential also as well so that they are a point of difference from the visual noise of marketing messages that surround us. She is an active member of the Sign Design Society in the UK which benefits from strong links to other organisations such as SEGD. She is very much hoping to attend some events in the US in 2018.

Lisa Wells is keen to network with those with similar challenges in their work – particularly in the retail sector. Networking is a great way of sharing problems and solutions and gives a new perspective on wayfinding experiences. She works closely with architects and construction teams and they now have a better appreciation of navigation around complex environments.


  • Wayfinding – developed signage schemes for city centre/developer sites/external and internal shop navigation. (Westfield – White City, London)
  • Graphic design skills – exceptional knowledge of fonts and typesetting.
  • Commissioning and managing external consultants and manufacturers – ensuring budgets and deadlines are met. (Pentagram)
  • Creating advertising consent applications for signage schemes.
  • Scheduling and budgeting with cost savings where achievable.
  • Achieving stakeholder sign off to wayfinding schemes.
  • Representing the company at city council and developer meetings. (Westgate Centre –Oxford)


Lisa's interests include traveling to countries off the beaten track often backpacking, photography – both digital and film, and visiting art exhibitions.

View more of Lisa Wells' work at John Lewis.Connect with Lisa on LinkedIn.

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