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Cincinnati, OH

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Lisa Bambach is an SEGD Cincinnati Chapter Co-Chair

Lisa K. Bambach is a designer and educator based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. She holds a B.S. in Graphic Design and a Minor in German Studies from the University of Cincinnati and has studied at Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel, Switzerland.

As an experiential graphic designer who specializes in workplace and urban design, Lisa Bambach enhances interaction with physical spaces by integrating narratives and navigation cues into the environment. Whether working within the private or public sector, she aspires to build collaborative environments that promote discourse and build relationships. In order to be successful, Lisa Bambach believes one must acknowledge and understand how perception of verbal and visual languages are affected by implicit biases. She was awarded the Cincinnati Design Award Honor Award in 2017, and exhibited in in:sight: A showcase of excellence in strategy and creative risk in regional design and Brandemodium.

As an educator, Lisa Bambach has worked for over 10 years with young designers in both the secondary and collegiate levels who are being introduced to design methodology, technology, systems thinking and professional practices. She has particular interest in harnessing the emotive qualities of social design to teach the fundamentals of design methodology, and has discussed her approach to teaching at the UCDA Academic Summit: Good Design Works. Her academic work has been published in Design Elements: Form & Space by Dennis M. Puhalla, Ph. D.

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Tapping into Opportunity: Designs for Community Refreshment

Read Time: 6 minutes
In her designs for a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) in Cincinnati’s Westwood neighborhood, SEGD member and contributing writer Lisa K. Bambach faced a big challenge: how to define an outdoor public drinking area without erecting barriers to separate the “legal” space from the “illegal.” To do this, Lisa designed a series of information touchpoints—digital, physical and even disposable—to alert imbibers about the DORA’s rules and boundaries. Read Lisa’s account to learn how she did this.

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