LINXS Constructors Spotlights Selbert Perkins Design

LINXS Constructors Spotlights Selbert Perkins Design

LINXS Constructors spotlighted Selbert Perkins Design in their September 2021 Certified Firm Program Newsletter. 

LINXS Constructors spoke with Robin Perkins, a Partner at SPD, who studied graphic design at The Rhode Island School of Design and sculpture at the Massachusetts College of Art. They highlight the illuminated 32-foot tall letters of "L A X" which are surrounded by color-changing 100-foot pylons of light build in 2000 by SPD that greets travelers arriving at the LAX airport. The company has been working with LAWA for over two decades. In fact, their team also helped to develop LAWA's name and original logo.

SPD's primary scope of work on the APM project is developing a comprehensive signage and wayfinding system for the train, six stations and elevated walkways. This complex system includes static and dynamic digital signs. Fortunately, SPD is well suited for exactly this endeavor since the company developed the Wayfinding Design Standards for LAWA.

"Now we are implementing that system," Robin explained, "to help over 80 million [annual] passengers get to their gate for take-off!"

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