Linda Sturling

Linda Sturling
Los Angeles

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Graphic art and design has always intrigued Linda Sturling; it's a lifelong passion. She loves to draw and paint on traditional media and love working in new technologies in digital graphics. She did her first drawing of a portrait when she was five years old. After that, Linda did many drawings throughout her childhood and teenage years. She made many drawings of people, still life, landscapes, random objects, imagined things but horses were her favorite as a child. As she grew into adulthood, Linda dreamed of creating art and design as a career.

As a graphic designer, Linda Sturling has the upmost dedication, care, and attentiveness in listening to your imagination and requirements. She is a freelance designer who seeks to wow clients with the best designs and have a positive impact on your business growth and community. Contact Linda to discuss your project, learn more about her, ask questions and see if you are a good fit in making your project successful and accomplishing your goals. Impact Designed Daily ™

It is truly a pleasure to meet like-minded individuals and be part of an artistic community and Linda Sturling is honored to be a member of SEGD.

View more of Linda Sturling's work on her website. Connect with Linda on LinkedIn,Twitter, and Facebook.

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