LHSA+DP Encourages Multicultural Appreciation at Miami Children's Museum

LHSA+DP Encourages Multicultural Appreciation at Miami Children's Museum

LHSA+DP recently developed and designed 18,000-square-feet of new exhibits for the Miami Children's Museum that encourage multicultural awareness and appreciation in visitors ages 0-10 and their families through the themes of Culture, Community and Communication.

Using a variety of exhibit techniques, such as immersive environments, hands-on interactives, multimedia and creative and imaginative play, visitors could explore their homes, their neighborhoods and the world beyond with a special emphasis on the rich diversity of South Florida. LHSA+DP was also responsible for development of the First Year Programming Plan for the new facility.

The Miami Children's Museum invited LHSA+DP back in 2013 to create a new Interpretive Master Plan that would update the exhibit spaces and interactive experiences. The firm provided planning for new interactive and program opportunities in 14 galleries. The new exhibit experiences are infused with greater opportunities for group interaction; additional exhibit areas have been developed specifically for toddlers and younger children and STE(A)M-based interactive experiences using Reggio Emilia-inspired educational principles have been incorporated throughout.

These new spaces, most of which were completed in 2017, cover topics such as physical science, the natural world, health and wellness, art and music. "LHSA+DP demonstrated its creativity, professionalism and willingness to make things possible at every juncture of our project. The staff was responsible, responsive and amiable."-Deborah Spiegelman, Executive Director, Miami Children's Museum

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