L&H Companies Launch New Flush Mount Panel System

L&H Companies Launch New Flush Mount Panel System

The new L&H Flush Mount Panel System is advanced, innovative and eco-friendly.

Recently, Tower Health in Reading, Pa. brought on Cloud Gehshan and L&H Companies to design and fabricate a complete exterior and interior signage and wayfinding package at both their main hospital and offsite locations. Cloud Gehshan's designs incorporate the modern flush mount panel system that L&H Companies fabricated for the directional signage.

The new system uses a specific milling and cutting method, which was developed by L&H Companies Engineering Team. The method allows for the top panel to be fastened with only two tiny screws at the bottom, which hold the panel in place without the use of adhesives or permanent connection devices. All mounting fasteners are effectively hidden.

The new system also allows for the entire front panel to be removed and updated without difficulty by onsite facilities personnel. The old panel can then be sent back to L&H Companies to be repurposed—making it a more environmentally-friendly signage option. A new panel can be completely reprinted using either high-resolution digital, or screen printing, which ensures typographical consistency.

The new L&H Flush Mount Panel System can be used to create a unique design in almost any shape, size or color. Find out more.

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