Leviathan Does the Math at MSI

For their new permanent Numbers in Nature exhibit, Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry commissioned Leviathan (Chicago) to create a four-minute long, ultra-widescreen film combining HD cinematography with mesmerizing motion graphics and visual effects, and an original score from Joel Corelitz of Waveplant. 

After leaving the theater, guests engage in hands-on learning with more than a dozen interactive installations as well as a mind-bending mirror maze advancing all the ideas introduced in the film. In a digitally enhanced two-way mirror, visitors can see if their proportions comply with da Vinci's Golden Ratio in real-time. With other stations, visitors can virtually explore 3D spirals, Voronoi diagrams and other essential natural patterns simply by waving their hands. Combining analog controls such as knobs, wheels and blocks with touchscreens, Kinect cameras and Leap Motion sensors, Leviathan's team designed scores of dynamic experiences aimed at engaging and educating children and adults well into the future.

According to everyone at Leviathan, the exhibit's interactive features were designed to address specific insights gathered by MSI's team from years of experience, so their popularity is the by-product of a very successful collaboration.

"For us, one of the most exciting aspects of this project is how well it demonstrates our interactive capabilities, particularly its success in marrying content with custom hardware and software," said Chad Hutson, Leviathan's executive producer. "While much of our most innovative work remains confidential, thanks to MSI Chicago, everyone visiting 'Numbers in Nature' can see what we're capable of."

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