LEVIATHAN is a specialized creative agency working at the nexus of design, digital media, and interaction. By bringing phenomenal narrative content and emerging technologies into physical environments, Leviathan transforms ideas into exceptional experiences for brands and creative collaborators worldwide. Established in 2010, Leviathan’s innovation has been recognized by top-tier publications including Communication Arts, The Creators Project, Fast Company, Forbes and Wired, among many others.

Our work transforms environments into destinations, traversing industries to inspire, astonish, and educate in:  Public Spaces  /  Branded Environments  /  Retail Environments  /  Museums and Exhibits  /  Themed Destinations  /  Concerts  /  Live entertainment venues  /  Tradeshows and Events  / Transportation Hubs  /  Digital Signage  /  Visitor and Experience Centers  /  Web and Mobile


STRATEGY:  Concept  /  Ideation  /  User Research / Workshops  /  Journey Mapping  /  Branding  /  Copywriting

DESIGN:  Visual Identity  /  Graphic Design  /  User Experience  /  User Interface  /  Motion Design  /  Scenic Design

DIGITAL MEDIA:  Motion Graphics  /  CG  /  3D  /  Animation  /  Live Action  /  Video Editing  /  Music Supervision  /  Photography

INTERACTION:  Software Engineering  /  Systems Engineering  /  Projection Mapping  /  Application Development  /  Front–End Development  /  VR  /  360  /  AR

View more of Leviathan's work on their website. 

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