Leon Wood

Leon Wood, Designer at Rapt Studio, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

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Make, San Diego
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Leon wood is a designer at Rapt Studio who believe that now more than ever, genuine, connected, and consistent wins. Great brands, like all meaningful endeavors or important causes, are led by people who believe. They gather and find power in belonging to something larger than themselves, find solace in a shared experience.

Rapt Studio was created in direct response to this philosophy. They are a group of believers – crazy talented, intensely focused, and curious to a fault. Rapt Studio consists of architects, designers of all sorts, strategists, and dreamers. Rapt Studio came together to create the genuine, connected and consistent experience necessary for a brand to thrive in 2015 and beyond.

Leon Wood studied Graphic Design in the School of Architecture and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Barch from the University of  Southern California. He has also previously worked at IDEO and RSM Design. Leon is skilled in most softwares such as In Design and the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite, Revit, Rhino and SketchUp.

Connect with Leon Wood on LinkedIn.

See Leon Wood's work at Rapt Studio and his work on the Make space, a California style maker space in San Diego

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