Lemke Meijer

Lemke Meijer
Reykjavik, Iceland

SEGD Global Design Awards

The Incas, Treasures of Peru
The Incas, Treasures of Peru
Heart of Iceland
Heart of Iceland

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Lemke Meijer is an interaction designer from The Netherlands based in Iceland. At Gagarin Interactive she works on creating narrative spaces for interactive exhibition concepts. Gagarin believes in the power of interactive storytelling to inspire audiences while learning and playing. They create highly interactive exhibits which engage, educate, and entertain visitors.

Lemke Meijer loves science and is always looking for new things to learn and experience. After exploring her career as a graphic designer, a project manager, an entrepreneur and illustrator, she got back to her roots of interaction design. She now creates high end concepts for museums and exhibitions striving to seduce the audience to explore new perspectives and unknown grounds. Combining her skills she finds creative ways to explain complicated matters in a comprehensible way. 

Lemke Meijer received a MSc degree in Design for Interaction from the Delft University of Technology, focusing on user centred design and design for emotion. She designs for people's experience, through presenting the audience with a new angle of perception or seduce them into unexpected encounters. Playing with senses and creating a context for a specific emotional experience she immerses the audience in the story that is being told.

Lemke Meijer has always been and is still drawing, painting, building, sculpting and making plans. Lemke wants the things she creates to have a positive effect on people and give them an (tangible) experience that broadens the mind.

View more of Lemke Meijer's work at Gagarin.

Connect with Lemke on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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