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With all the technologic advancement in LED lighting, LEDCONN stands as one of the few companies who can provide lighting in a material art form. We incorporate our lighting expertise with numerous designs and signage to give a new meaning in back-lighting. These backlighting efforts can be used for all kinds of uses such as branding, design, architecture, promotion, signage and more.

LEDCONN was first founded in the year 2008 based in Southern California. During this time, current LED light boxes and illumination efforts were expensive and poorly made. Using the proven LED light guide panel technology for over 18 years in the LCD monitor industry, we were able to create slim profiles with even illumination of high quality. We are driven by this new innovative technology since it helps our customers to create a strong presence in our customer’s branding or design. Now, our technology is able to reach out to further markets and applications to create a completely new outlook on lighting design.

Many illuminations and light boxes were initially built with traditional florescent tubes, thus retrofitting or replacements to LED applications benefitted our dream for an energy efficient society. Our hope for the future to be able to further expand into all unconventional applications and designs while preserving our environment!

By offering illumination innovations to all businesses, LEDCONN's vision is to redefine and revolutionize marketing elements and lighting designs to all new levels. Our foundation is built by LED light guide panel technology in order to uphold full commitment in conserving energy and providing a better world for the next generation.

Catering to the Retail, Signage and Architectural & Design industries, the illumination innovation will help businesses and designers to gain market awareness and maintain a reputable brand. We will strive to assist in all projects seeking to stand apart from the others.


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