Learning "What is EGD?" from the Pros

During Spring Quarter students from The Art Institute of Atlanta's Interior Design and Graphic/Web Design departments benefitted from SEGD Atlanta's outreach to educate students on what EGD is, what skill sets are required and what career opportunities exist. While some students may have heard of EGD most are not familiar with the depth and breadth of opportunities that exist within the field nor its collaborative nature between many disciplines.

Long time SEGD member and AiA faculty Sue Youngblood welcomed both students and professionals to the event and shared some personal experiences in the industry. SEGD Atlanta's chapter co-chair Steve Carlin, Associate at Cooper Carry, kicked off the presentations with an SEGD provided powerpoint covering examples of project types. AiA alum Danny Roberts, Advertising & Design Director for APCO Graphics, shared his experiences working at APCO and general career development tips, including to continually expose oneself. Students saw first hand how life can be disruptive—yet the show goes on—when Steve Dubberly, Associate at SRSS, stepped in at the last minute for AiA alum Korinna Hirsh, Designer for Perkins & Will Branded Environments Division who had a family emergency. (We're looking forward to her presentation at a later date!) Steve shared process steps for the design and implementation of signage and graphics at the Chick-fil-A headquarters.

After a short Q & A, students were provided the opportunity to see project design documents and SEGD magazine samples up close. The event wrapped up with a drawing for a year-long SEGD student membership with one student from each department selected.

Thanks to SEGD and local members who supported this education outreach to the next generation of designers.

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