Learn Projection Mapping at Xplorer With Jeff Grantz

Jeff Grantz!  Reason No. 6 to Attend Xplorer July 14!

We've featured the work of session leaders Refik Anadol, Lauren Kelly Sheridanand P. Michael Andersonand the key skills they'll teach you at the 2016 Xplorer Digital Foundations Bootcamp. We've even given you 5 good reasonsnot to miss this hands-on learning experience.  Now all you need to do is attend, so you can work with a superstar of 3D projection mapping for physical spaces—Jeff Grantz! 

Projection mappinghas a rich history, but new technologies available to the market only within the last year make it more accessible, affordable and feasible for permanent architectural integration. “This is a whole new arsenal of capabilities for experiential designers to work with to prototype and present their ideas," says Jeff Grantz, founder of Materials & Methods, which has used projection mapping in festivals like ILLUMINUSin Boston, Nuit Blanche New York and D.C.’s PRAVAfest as well as for a host of commercial projects. Enabled by new wireless projectors and armed with nothing more than a laptop, participants in SEGD's Xplorer Digital Foundations Bootcamp can learn from Jeff Grantz to map content onto both geometric and contoured surfaces for applications ranging from feature art pieces and placemaking elements to signage and promotional graphics. 

Projection mapping involves generating a 3D model of a given structure or space, creating animation or motion graphic content that relates to it and projecting the content onto the actual facade or space. Creators of these projections can animate entire facades or even make them react to the environment in real-time. Shapes and colors appear and morph, creatures fly or crawl across the projected space in 3D, weather can trigger changes in content —the entire space becomes an activated surface for storytelling.

"Projection mapping is an infinitely flexible, infinitely scalable medium that allows designers to overlay environmental graphics and animations onto any surface, completely breaking out of the standard rectilinear frame, unconfined by any physical space. The opportunities it affords to activate space with changing content are literally endless.  And, it is now incredibly cost effective," says Jeff Grantz, citing budgets for recent projects that are a fraction of what they would have been a few years ago. "The savings are largely driven by new laser projectors and wireless content delivery; there's less complicated installation, minimal ongoing maintenance to changing expensive bulbs with lasers lasting upwards of 20,000 hours, and clients can control displays themselves using simple templates.”

"The overlay of video reality into real space is mesmerizing for the viewer and, to have such control over the environment is a really interesting dynamic for the designer. Last year we created an entire commercial set out of the confines of a 12' x 12' box. All the content, even moving backgrounds, was virtual and the camera could not tell the difference.  For Delphi (above) we projected into a car, making its exterior invisible and revealing all its hidden parts. There is no limit to fooling the eye into thinking what they're seeing is real. That makes projection mapping a very powerful tool."

Inspired to learn? Jeff Grantz will teach you the foundations of projection mapping in a very hands-on workshop session tomorrow!  Transform your work, transform your experience.  

Don't miss this last call opportunity to learn from the best at Xplorer Bootcamp in LA, July 14, 2016—register now!

Garagecube is providing free 30-day trials of MadMapper to Jeff Grantz's session attendees. All you need to bring is your laptop and your curiosity.


Photos: Delphi Technologies Installation (Materials & Methods), John Harvard Sculpture (Krzysztof Wodiczko), ILLUMINUS -1 (Tina Tian), ILLUMINUS -2 (Aram Boghosian), SECU (Materials & Methods)

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