Learn to Code with Lauren Kelly Sheridan, July 14, 2016

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? 'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,' said the Cat." ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

We could talk about what Carroll really meant, but if you're interested in introducing yourself to coding for digital experiential design projects and websites, you'll pack up your laptop and get to Lauren Kelly Sheridan's insightful and practical session "Designing with Code" at the 2016 SEGD Xplorer Digital Foundations Bootcamp in Los Angeles July 14th. It promises to be a great resource for designers to get started with coding, or refresh their skills.

Web development has changed enormously in just the last few years. Where web design entailed handwriting HTML and CSS code, that work has been greatly simplified through widely available content management systems (CMS). If you haven't refreshed your coding skills (or learned them in the first place), you are not alone. "There are a lot of good designers who are just starting to transition into more web-based and digital experiential graphic design work," says Lauren Kelly Sheridan, who has been operating at the intersection of design and technology for 20 years, "and there are a lot of designers whose digital design work could be done more efficiently and effectively with knowledge of how designs get coded."

The July 14 session will be a foundational course covering how basic coding skills will improve your digital design; websites and how they work on the Internet; and what CMS options are available, how they function, and the best to use for your needs. Lauren Kelly Sheridan has prepared exercises so everyone can experience the infrastructure of a website, and how it changes when you type code. She created Design for Code, a resource website with the goal of educating designers on how their designs get coded, where you can post your questions and concerns ahead of the Xplorer Digital Foundations event on July 14.

You will come away from this session having learned foundational HTML skills that aide in the development and design of basic web programming elements, and you will understand the structure and syntax of HTML and coding languages as it applies to design of websites, CMS, digital signage and other connective experiential platforms. These new skills will mean a more efficient work process, better managed digital design, and additional service offerings for yourself or your firm.

Other Xplorer Digital Foundations Bootcamp speakers and sessions include:

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Jeff Grantz of Materials & Methods | Projection Mapping

Paul Anderson of SenovvA | Content Development

Add a morning networking session at SenovvA, lunch in the LA Arts District, and an evening reception hosted by the SEGD LA Chapter and July 14th's Xplorer Bootcamp will leave you (probably exhausted, but) happy in your new skills and with new friends to boot!  Register now, space is limited. 

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