Leah Ferguson

Leah Ferguson is a Brand Designer at Gensler in San Francisco.
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Leah Ferguson is a Brand Designer at Gensler in San Francisco.

Leah Ferguson's passion is user experience in both the digital and built world. 

Currently, Leah is a Brand Designer at Gensler in San Francisco, where she brings a combination of strategy, research, and creativity to her design practice. Previously, she worked at Entro Communications in Toronto as a Senior Designer, where she largely focused on experiential opportunities at airports, and other large-scale multi-user complexes.

Leah Ferguson graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Design from York University and Sheridan College, and completed a certificate in User Experience Design at George Brown College. However, Leah doesn't believe education ends in the classroom, and in her free time she reads books and articles about design, technology, future technologies, and business. 

Leah i interested in the intersection between technology and a holistic view of user experience and service design. The emergence of wearables and new indoor mapping technologies, and how we interact with these tools, are two areas in which she's especially interested. Leah is an early adopter whenever possible. For instance, she bought an Apple Watch on the first day, just to better understand the future of interacting with wearables, the environment, and the retail experience. 

Leah Ferguson's technical skills include: Adobe Creative Suite, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Keynote, OmniFocus, Evernote, IFTTT, WordPress, MailChimp, social media.

Connect with Leah Ferguson on LinkedIn.

See her work at Gensler.


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