Laura Wenger

Laura Wenger is the Marketing Director at ECHO Retail in Pittsburgh.

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Laura Wenger is the Marketing Director at ECHO Retail in Pittsburgh. 

Laura Wenger graduated from Virginia Tech's Pamplin College of Business with Degree in Marketing Management and Real Estate.

Like all successful business ventures, ECHO Retail was born out of a desire to solve a problem and fulfill a need. Because ECHO has been on both sides of the table, the team has a well-rounded point of view that lends an empathetic perspective on all angles of a transaction. Never making demands that they know are not doable, what drives the ECHO Retail team is the idea that when both sides find common ground towards business success they leave the negotiation feeling triumphant.

At ECHO Retail, the vibe is perpetually welcoming– and business relationships are authentic, in large part because this self-professed team of straight- shooters work hard every day to stay on top of market trends, listen to their clients’ needs, bend when they need to and close deals that that lead to long-term business success for everyone involved.

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