Laura Nielsen

Laura Nielsen

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Laura is a freelance Interaction and Experience designer. She’s a graduate of Santa Monica College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interaction design. Her passion is to generate emotion through physical, digital, and interactive media. She strives to bring people closer together and reimagines a world where technology doesn’t separate us. 

She has experience working with teams to design and fabricate engaging experience-based projects as well as strategically enhancing existing user experiences for brands. Using her design, project management, and UX skills, she follows the design thinking process to execute creative solutions from project initialization to final implementation. As a true transformation elicitor, she’s interested in staging experiences in underused outdoor and indoor retail spaces for the greater good. Pop-ups, one-time special events, and educational enrichment experiences celebrating the community's values are always on her radar. 

In her spare time, she’s a disrupter and inventor with wicked problem-solving skills. If it doesn't exist, she'll create it! She also enjoys acrylic pour painting, cycling, winter skiing in the mountains, and summers lounging by the beach. She volunteers for the Beachcombers a group of cool people who inspire community, authenticity, and generosity through the celebration of music and art.

Connect with Lauren Nielsen on LInkedIn. Visit her website at

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