Launch of Brightline’s First Phase Approaches

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All Aboard Florida is the first privately owned, operated and financed express intercity passenger rail project in the United States. The 235-mile network of rail lines connects stations in Miami and Orlando with additional hubs in West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. All Aboard Florida’s new train fleet, "Brightline," not only connects these key cities, it also connects people, communities, and cultures.

Rockwell Group’s LAB conducted months of extensive ethnographic research to conceive the Brightline name, brand platform, identity, and groundbreaking travel concept. With this bedrock of research and branding in hand, All Aboard Florida asked the LAB to design Brightline’s trains, inside and out. Rockwell Group followed suit with an interior design concept for all four rail stations. Brightline stations are transportation and social hubs in their respective cities. Rockwell Group has developed a common design concept, aesthetic and material palette to connect the terminals. The Miami station, the largest of the terminals, spans the equivalent of three city blocks in Overtown, near downtown Miami. 

Over six months, the LAB at Rockwell Group conducted local in-home interviews with target travelers and observing travel experiences on the road and rails and in the air—to shape the concept, brand offering, name and identity for All Aboard Florida’s new rail service. The result, Brightline, represents an entirely new experience in travel, grounded in the LAB’s research. Brightline’s visual identity reflects this entrepreneurial, welcoming, and thoughtful personality with its fresh and playful graphics. The brand platform developed by the LAB serves as a guidebook for the Brightline ethos. 

The first phase of the Brightline project is expected to be completed this Summer.

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