Langara Design Formation Department Built Their Graduate Showcase in a Virtual Gallery

Langara Design Formation Department Built Their Graduate Showcase in a Virtual Gallery

Embracing the unusual circumstances of 2021, the Langara Design Formation Department graduating class built their graduate showcase in a virtual gallery. This is not a website, it is an immersive online space through which participants can not only see students’ work, but physically explore a world designed entirely by the students.

Beginning with a juried competition, the students researched physical exhibits and architecture as case studies, developed conceptual graphic arguments and presented their ideas.  The students and the faculty voted on a winning concept and presentation.  From there, the class divided into small teams - Project Management, Architecture & Experience, Content & Curation, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Production - to build the exhibit.  Working with Active Replica, a virtual event hosting company, the exhibit is now accessible to anyone in the world with a laptop and an internet connection.

In addition to the Design Formation Department grad show, some of the students worked closely with the Langara Photography Department to develop their graduate show.    This space, designed by the Design Formation students in collaboration with the Photography faculty and students, creates a separate world to see the photographers’ work and enjoy the virtual world.

While we all miss the ability to celebrate graduation in person, the students were able to capitalize on the benefits of this platform.  Because they built the world from scratch, the entire space is entirely concept driven.  The architecture was generated from the graphic concept, without the constraints of budget or gravity. 

The spaces will be open and available through June 2021.   To visit a virtual world entirely conceived, designed, and built by the class of 2021 Design Formation students, follow these links:

The Design Formation gallery is here:
The Photography gallery is here:

More information about the work is available here:

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