Lance Wyman's Sketchbook

Now my sketchbook includes digital sketches.


Lance Wyman, FSEGD
Lance Wyman Ltd., New York

In 2013, SEGD asked me to create a limited-edition poster celebrating its 40th anniversary.

I  was inspired by the notion of SEGD’s passage into a new era, and I tried to communicate the idea of forward motion. The idea of passing through—of being at a crossroads—made sense to me, and that’s why I combined the “4” and the “0” in such a way that they form a full circle.

As I think about the role of sketching in my design process, I see that it has changed over the years. In my early work, sketching and drawing by hand played an important role throughout the entire process. Now I go from first sketch directly to digital drawing. Now my sketchbook includes digital sketches.

What hasn't changed is the epiphany moment of capturing the essence of an idea with that first sketch. It's a personal experience that isn't exact or refined and you don't have to show it to anyone. It's the first step on the road to a solution.

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