Lalitha Balasubramanian

Lalitha Balasubramanian

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Lalitha Balasubramanian
Senior Designer, Urbanite (part of the Frost*collective)

Lalitha Balasubramanian is a multi-disciplinary wayfinding and environments designer who uses her rich background in interior design and placemaking to create unified, innovative and exciting spatial experiences through signage, environmental graphics, placemaking and interiors.

As a Senior Designer at Urbanite, part of the Frost*collective, she has worked on some of Australia’s most prominent developments and was the design lead for the award-winning Channel Nine HQ wayfinding and graphics project.   

Lalitha’s background in interior architecture has given her a keen interest in the integration of wayfinding seamlessly into spatial design, and how the two can complement and uplift each other. Her approach to design is both rigorous and multidisciplinary, with each aspect of a space working together to create a unified experience. 

This experience-driven approach was also reflected in her graduate dissertation and accompanying major project; examining how spatial experiences can be broken down into montages, which are further framed through wayfinding and placemaking.

Outside of work, Lalitha has been a classically trained dancer for more than 18 years. 

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