Korrin Bossert

Korinn Bossert, Blair Sign Programs
Santee, CA

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Korrin Bossert is a creative individual and an active graphic designer from the San Diego area. Drawing had become a big part of her life and knew she wanted to work in a creative field at an early age. Her career started at the age of 16 in a high school graphic design and printing program. Korrin fell in love with the screen-printing process, making fun “punk rock” t-shirts and using Adobe Software. This experience led her to a job right out of high school in the production printing industry.

After sometime in the production printing industry, Korrin Bossert needed a challenge and to find a creative career that really satisfied her. She went back to school with a fierce desire to learn all things digital arts. Korrin’s professional experience now includes graphic design, web design, animation, video game development and experiential arts. She now finds herself to be a proud member of Blair Sign Programs in the Sign and Environmental Graphics industry. Korrin finds satisfaction in seeing a design go from an idea sketched out on paper all the way to fabrication and put out into the world for everyone to use and see.

“I am grateful that I can say I love my job!”
- Korrin B.

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