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With projects spanning the globe, Knot’s passion lies in shaping the human experience of place and reinforcing the natural systems that sustain us. We are specialists in Ecological Analysis and Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Experiential Graphic Design. Our work is adaptive, sensitive, and research-driven. Our team works across disciplines to identify and synthesize creative tensions in service to our design principles of exploration, collaboration, entanglement, ecologies and stewardship.

In order for people to connect to environment and place, designed experiences must be more than the sum of their parts. This requires the expertise of thoughtful, anti-disciplinary problem-solvers. We are committed to a cross-pollination of practice across traditional boundaries; acting as members of a diverse, interdependent ecosystem of ideas.

Knot’s team brings expertise creating memorable places that build community, promote global diplomacy, provide healing, spark learning, engage employees, and energize play.

Values and processes are guideposts for our practice. We invest in relationships by working together closely. We are approachable, reliable, and trustworthy. Our partners respect our expertise and discipline, and consider us collaborators.

Our process is adaptive and research-driven, resulting in the delivery of designs that are sensitive to context and culture, that honor an architectural vision and support a user’s needs. Using our expertise in science, art, and technology, we seek inspiration from unexpected sources to find new solutions to complex challenges.

At Knot, we prioritize creative exploration and have an irrepressible willingness to attempt the unexpected, while highly valuing context and use. 


Science, Meet Storytelling—Stanford's Morphogenesis
Science, Meet Storytelling—Stanford's Morphogenesis

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