Klaus Bjerager

Frederiksberg, Denmark

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Klaus Bjerager has worked with IA and wayfinding over the years in two different capacities: as an information architect (both in the "traditional" analog way and as defined by Morville and Rosenfield for the web) and as an educator.

In recent years, Klaus has introduced wayfinding theory in relation to service design and design thinking to our master students at the IT-University of Copenhagen on his course of advanced graphic design. This has led to an increasing number of thesis students that want him as their adviser on projects where wayfinding is part or central. ‘Digital natives’ raises important questions about concepts regarding universal design and situated design.

Way back as a type designer and information architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1988), Klause was introduced to SEGD at Vignelli Associates in 1987, working on an explorative type design (Domus) for the Grand Central Architectural Graphics Program. Domus was a later awarded a SEGD student grant.

In connection to the work of his design office in Copenhagen, Klaus Bjerager produced corporate visual identity programs, often including signage and/or wayfinding solutions. In 1991 he introduced his fellow colleagues of IDD (Industrial Danish Designers) to the emerging IA framework and SEGD; a few like Per Mollerup saw the importance of this area of design and made good of it. Around 2000 his professional interests shifted towards UX and IA for the web, e-commerce and design and IT integration. Klaus' design activities changed into those of a consultancy on web development. In 2008 he earned a M.Sc. in It management and strategy.

Now Klaus wants to rekindle his passion for wayfinding and a return to the SEGD community that he left sometime in the 1990s. Seems to be the thing to do.

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