KKA Sponsors Student Memberships

KKA Sponsors Student Memberships (image: portrait of Zoe Schlosser)

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Zoe Schlosser is a new student member to SEGD and a junior designer at Kate Keating Associates, Inc. (San Francisco) for the summer. She started at KKA in May, as an incoming senior currently studying Communication Design at the University of Cincinnati, DAAD. In her bio, she writes, "I have always been intrigued by the world of design and the ways I can learn to be a smarter and more effective designer."

"At Kate Keating Associates, we employ three interns each year," says Julie Vogel, president, Kate Keating Associates, Inc. "We buy all of our interns a SEGD student membership and get them involved; we believe it is a great way to support SEGD while encouraging young professionals to pursue an EGD career!"  

Join Vogel and KKAin supporting students: Purchase memberships for your interns, or donate memberships for students today.

Simply call +1.202.638.5555 or visit the SEGD Store

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