Photo of Montefiore Medical Center mural

KimakDesign (Orangeburg, N.Y.) has completed the design portion of a commission by Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx to create a four-section 9- by 100-foot-long digital print mural for the lobby of their new Hutch Ambulatory Care Center. The mural, focusing on nature themes of the Bronx including the Botanical Garden and the New York City borough's parks, is to be printed on glass by Skyline Design. The new medical center is slated to open in 2014. James Kimak had recently completed a Bronx-themed mural for the Children's Hospital's Adolescent Lounge. Additional projects are planned.

Kimak Design won an Honorable Mention Award for Environmental Graphic Design in the 43rd Annual Creativity International Design Awards for a 130-foot-long corridor mural at New York Presbyterian's Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital. The project was sponsored as part of a renovation of the Radiology unit by Madison Square Garden's Garden of Dreams Foundation.

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