Kevi Louis-Johnson on Exhibition & Experience Design

Kevi Louis-Johnson has learned that there is never a single solution to a design challenge. "Our first thoughts should be about understanding the story that is to be told, and then how best to bring that story to life." From the start of a project, Kevi Louis-Johnson immerses herself in a design process that involves a multidisciplinary team: designers, strategists, creative technologists, copywriters, producers, and product managers.

Kevi Louis-Johnson,Design Director at Hornall Anderson, Stephen PlatenbergPrincipal and Creative Director at Cortina Productions and Martha Almy,Senior Producer at Second Story join forces to lead a session at E&E: Exhibition & Experience Design, August 18-19 in Washington, DC. Discussion around their recent projects will prepare you to optimize your own exhibits for digital and physical balance.

With these session leaders, you'll find answers to these and other questions:

• How do you design for an experience that is more theoretical and idea-based vs. a collection of physical objects?

• What is the right balance of digital and physical for exhibits?

• Is descriptive text on graphic wall panels really needed?

• Can you design technology into exhibits that doesn’t look like technology?

"This session topic is closely aligned with Hornall Anderson's design approach," says Kevi Louis-Johnson, who will present the Experience Center they designed for the Airbus Group as a case study. "I want to give the group a behind-the-scenes view of how we use immersive technologies and interactive displays to tell a comprehensive story about Airbus. We really thought about perceptions of Airbus as a brand, and sought to reveal to the visitor Airbus' role in shaping the future of travel, defense and aerospace."  The Airbus Experience Center is one of the tours available to participants during the second day of the E&E event.

Upon arrival at the Airbus Experience Center, visitors enter a loyalty lounge-inspired reception area. Guiding the eye upward, a ceiling oculus offers a bird’s eye view of the earth with simulated flight paths and satellite orbits. This dramatic, 24-hour time-lapse animation tells the story of Airbus Group’s global reach.

In the Briefing Room, a sweeping 30-foot wall stands in front of a touchscreen table where visitors can intuitively explore featured Airbus Group stories. Upon selection, a mosaic of frames project onto the adjacent wall using data visualization techniques.

The Innovation Gallery celebrates the tireless pursuit of Airbus Group, from an engineless glider that can fly at the edge of space to more effective ways of training aircraft pilots.

Beyond a secret opening revealed by a moving wall, visitors encounter a 40-foot-long Fleet Wall. When activated, projected imagery and interactive 3D models animate across the sculpted surface. Leveraging depth, scale and motion, visitors are immersed in a one-of-a-kind look at the breadth of commercial, helicopter, defense and aerospace products.

Ten windows line the ceiling of the Skywalk Corridor, each with high-resolution motion graphics that evolve from the daytime Contrail view which tracks flight patterns, to Galaxy mode with views of satellites orbiting the night sky.

Experience with projects at The Empire State Building, Microsoft, Starbucks and others has kept Louis-Johnson interested in the evolution of technology integration. "Technology has become less cumbersome," she says. "Changing content is much easier than even a short time ago and costs have come down greatly." She enjoys problem solving within a team to develop and deliver the right experiences to support a client's story.

Join Kevi Louis-Johnson, Stephen Platenberg, Martha Almy and other presenters shaping the future of museum and exhibition design at the E&E: Exhibition and Experience Design event, August 18-19 in Washington DC!

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