Kent State University

Kent State University

School of Visual Communication Design

VCD offers a personalized design education, allowing students to use theory and research to tackle unframed problems, shape future designers in and out of the classroom, and pursue individual investigation opportunities.


All bachelor-level degrees in the School of Visual Communication Design require a combination of visual arts and liberal arts courses. The school offers three baccalaureate programs of study: The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), the Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.), and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.). The decision of which degree is best for a particular student depends on the student’s educational and career goals, academic standing and performance in studio coursework.


Master's degree students in the School of Visual Communication Design receive support in developing their individual abilities, interests and personal aesthetic. Organized individually for each student, the curriculum includes required courses and assignments as well as opportunities for individual investigations. Students are challenged to pursue their interests, identify strengths and improve weaknesses, and develop the motivation and discipline so critical to professional success. Students have the opportunity to interact with a variety of faculty members, including eleven full-time Visual Communication Design professors and several adjunct instructors who hold graduate faculty status. This diverse experience provides a variety of opinions and criticisms and allows students to expand their vocabulary of ideas, problem-solving techniques and aesthetic directions. Graduate students also broaden their professional exposures by serving in the Glyphix studio for course credit and by working with guest instructors from around the world in summer workshops.  


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