Kelly Taylor

Kelly Taylor is the CEO at Metropolitan West in Los Angeles.
Greater Los Angeles Area

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Kelly Taylor is the CEO at Metropolitan West in Los Angeles.

With great custom surface film products, excellent service and a brilliant team - it’s no surprise that Metropolitan West has grown to become a leader in custom decorative film for all surfaces with interior designers, architects, contractors and property managers.

Kelly Taylor is the founder and CEO of Metropolitan West - a leading solution provider and installer of custom decorative film for glass, walls, floors, ceilings and doors. Kelly Taylor is also founder and CEO of peerhatch,a fully customizable graphic infused writable wall surface film that is non-ghosting and easy to maintain.

A native of Southern California, Kelly Taylor has built one of the largest women-owned companies in Southern California. She oversees all projects from envisioning and planning to delivery and installation to achieve impeccable service and satisfaction for each of her clients. Her hands-on approach has helped her establish a strong reputation in the office design, architecture and construction industries throughout the region. She is respected as an innovator and thought leader in the industry.

Kelly Taylor started Metropolitan West as a provider of anti-graffiti window coatings to multiple businesses in the Los Angeles Area. With her vision for functional and decorative solutions growing, Kelly soon expanded her offerings to include safety films, decorative glass films, interior graphics and a wide variety of top-of-the-line solar control window films to businesses nationwide and internationally.

Realizing the powerful environmental impact of the company’s solar window film, Kelly Taylor has heightened her company’s commitment to helping businesses become more energy efficient through its products. With experienced design capabilities and a large selection of solar film products, the company is striving to bridge the gap between energy efficiency, comfort and architectural design in the work space.

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