Kelly Bailey

Kelly Bailey
Jacksonville, FL

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Kelly Bailey is an artist from Jacksonville, Florida. She earned a BFA in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking and a BA in Art History from University of North Florida. After teaching for over a decade in Duval County Public Schools, she made the leap to graduate school, pursuing an MFA in Themed Entertainment Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

A self-described "lifetime learner", Bailey has a passion for design, typography, travel, cultures, and story-telling. One of the most influential parts of her journey of education has been the amazing storytellers she has encountered throughout her life, in the classroom, and in professional settings. As a child, Bailey would sit, engulfed in the amazing oral tradition of her southern family. They would talk for hours, spinning tales with the most elaborate and colourful word-smithing anyone could imagine. Their stories would come alive, like a film, vibrant and glorious, and Bailey would be lost in the world they created. This experience impressed upon her at a very early age the importance of the storytelling traditions that were so vividly engrained in her familial life.

As a Graduate student in SCAD’s THED MFA program, Kelly Bailey hopes to bring her own experiences and storytelling voice to the world. From the habits that she developed as a sign maker, to the practice of her profession as an art and art history educator, and her involvement in the world of theme park fandom, Bailey knows that she has stories to tell in a grand, innovative manner. She looks forward to continuing to cultivate her own style and methods for this dynamic medium of themed entertainment design, through gainful employment within the industry. 

View Kelly Bailey's work on her website Kelly Bailey Design.

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