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Kate Keating on Healtcare Design
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Kate Keating, a retired San Francisco-based designer, is known as a pioneer in the environmental graphic design community and has contributed to the success of many award-winning, community-oriented projects over the past 20 years. Additionally, Kate is credited with the development of Universal Wayfinding, a system that provides clear and legible wayfinding in healthcare settings for people with Limited English Proficiency.

It is this level of creativity and innovation that has allowed Kate Keating to create a firm known for its ability to successfully integrate wayfinding and signage programs into complex architectural projects. She believes that environmental graphics truly complete a space, as both a practical means for navigation, and as an architectural enhancement. Approaching each venture as an opportunity to utilize the Firm’s experience and expertise in bringing added value to a project, she merges the client’s needs with the architect’s vision. The outcome is cohesive and highly functional programs that are also architecturally integrated and aesthetically pleasing.

Kate Keating is a “hands-on” principal and leads the Firm on large, multifaceted projects such as the CPMC, Cathedral Hill Hospital Rebuild, the new GSA Federal Building in San Francisco, the California Academy of Sciences and other prominent projects.

Kate Keating has spoken at numerous conferences, including the Healthcare Design Conference and the SEGD Healthcare Forum. She is a member of the Society of Experiential Graphic Designers (SEGD), the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), an associate member of the AIA San Francisco Chapter, and holds a BS in Design from the University of Cincinnati.

See her work at Kate Keating Associates (now Clearstory).


How can design, and specifically EGD, support and enhance the healing mission in today’s complex healthcare environments?

SEGD Well: Healthcare Innovations Workshop, held last week in Cincinnati, set out to find the answers to that question.

So what are the answers? Well, you kind of had to be there. But we’re willing to share a peek at what you missed.

Clue: It’s much bigger than wayfinding or mobile apps.

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