Kacey Bills

Kacey Bills, Project Coordinator, Shannon Leigh Associates, San Francisco
San Francisco

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Kacey Bills is a project coordinator at Shannon-Leigh Associates.

Kacey Bills is a new addition to the SLA team. Her background in problem-solving, collaboration, and communication positions her well to coordinate with clients and assist with leading projects in an efficient and expeditious manner.

Kacey Bills brings deep problem-solving skills to all user experience and wayfinding projects. Collaboration and communication skills enable her to aid clients and lead projects in an efficient and expeditious manner. As part of her thesis, she worked with the City of Oakland’s Planning Division to study relationships between transportation metrics and land development in Oakland. She applies analytical skills and an innate sense of design to improving the guest's journey.

Though new to the field of environmental graphic design, she is excited to further her understanding of the built environment, design, and nature.

Kacey Bills received her B.A. in Political, Legal, and Economic Analysis and a Master’s of Public Policy degree from Mills College in Oakland, Calif.  She has received a Certificate of Training for Accessibility in Architectural Graphics and Wayfinding in California.

Among Kacey's projects are University HealthCare Alliance in Norther California and Stanford Health Care in Palto Alto, CA.

Connect with Kacey Bills on Linkedin.

View more of Kacey Bill's work at Shannon-Leigh Associate.

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