Justin O'Gara

Justin O'Gara, Blair Sign Programs
Santee, CA

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Justin O’Gara is an Art Director and has been a creative designer at different capacities since 1998. With over a decade of multi-disciplinary design experience his projects in graphic design and the built environment include national branding solutions, illuminated and experiential sign structures, outdoor living spaces, tenant improvements and residential remodels.

Justin attended UNLV School of Architecture and holds a Master of Science degree from the NewSchool of Architecture, San Diego. Justin O’Gara’s scholastic research includes Pongid Enrichment Exhibits which focuses on developing interactive enrichment enclosures for great apes within American Zoos. Published as a collection of story boards, his research highlights his skills as an illustrator and applies story board techniques to the architectural creative processes.

Justin O’Gara is currently the Art Director at Blair Sign Programs, a national branding and identity company based in Southern California. Justin lends his experience in architecture to the design build process of developing illuminated displays and structural solutions for a variety of unique projects. At Blair Sign Programs Justin exercises a custom approach to line of sight, automotive and pedestrian circulation, building mass and common space when addressing the public and the built environment where designs exist as things. ”The sign is an object of commerce (nature) and the subject of occupancy (culture)”. - Adapted from Aldo Rossi, The Architecture of the City.

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