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Jungo Guo
New York

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Jungu Guo is a creative technologist and multimedia developer/designer based in Chicago. He holds an M.F.A. in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design at The New School and a B.E. in Digital Media Arts from Beijing Forestry University.
Jungu has cultivated years of experience working in noted design agencies and with museums across the globe, specializing in crafting experiences that enlighten, enrich and elevate. He has strong international credentials and extensive exposure to cross-cultural teams and environments. Over the years as an emerging design technologist, his creative practices and cultural footprints can be found in China, Egypt, Japan, India, France, and the U.S. Some of the past cultural institutions and clients he has worked with include China Science and Technology Museum in Beijing, teamLab in Tokyo, Flight Park at Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya, Château de Champs-sur-Marne in Paris, and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Most recently, he worked at the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, where he designed, prototyped, and developed tangible interactions and multi-sensory experiences.
Working at the intersection between storytelling, design and technology, Jungu relishes blurring the lines between disciplines to deliver exhibits that evoke wonder, awe, and surprise, but that also tell important stories about science, art, history, and culture that have a lasting impact. He is committed to creating visitor-centric interactive experiences of substance by espousing a collaborative and iterative design methodology. His design practice encompasses a vast array of digital and analog mediums and burgeoning platforms so as to seamlessly deliver meaningful and impactful interactions and narratives. In applying technology in simple, elegant, and surprising ways, Jungu strongly advocates that creative technology is an accessible and expressive interpretive medium that has the exciting potential to convert museums into magical and wondrous places, and indeed, places for transformative experiences for everyone.

Connect with Jungo Guo on linkedIn. 

View his portfolio at https://www.junguguo.com/

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