Julie Vogel

TAcoma Pacific Avenue district wayfinding
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Julie Vogel is a member of the 2017 SEGD Board of Directors.

Julie Vogel has been designing signage and wayfinding programs for architecturally significant buildings and environments for over 20 years. As an accomplished designer and successful project manager, she brings a rare blend of left and right brain capabilities to her projects.

She firmly identifies the defining architectural or environmental characteristics of her projects and respects the context of the work. This ability is seen on projects such as: California Academy of Sciences, the new GSA Federal Building in San Francisco; Letterman Digital Arts Center and the Presidio Masterplan program. Her refined ability to consistently see the critical path forward during the entire life of a project is a value added asset she brings to each project. She has consistently brought design excellence and grounded project management skills to her projects during her tenure at Kate Keating Associates.

Julie Vogel graduated from the University of Cincinnati, with a BS in Design and has focused primarily on environmental graphic design throughout her career. Julie Vogel joined Kate Keating Associates in 1998 and was promoted to Principal in 2009. Julie looks forward to being a firm leader as the fields of environmental graphic design and architecture evolve in the 21st century.

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